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From 7am


The Great Big Kiwi Breakfast (GF option) until 12 midday / 21.9

NZ free farmed streaky bacon, free range eggs (scrambled, fried or

poached), grilled tomato, breakfast sausages, hash browns,

mushrooms with wholemeal sourdough toast


Manuka Hill Free Range Eggs (GF option) / 11.9

Scrambled, fried or poached, on wholemeal sourdough toast

  -  add tomatoes or mushrooms or spinach or hash browns / 3.0

  -  add NZ free-farmed streaky bacon or breakfast sausages / 5.0

  -  add NZ cold smoked salmon / 6.0


Eggs Benedict (GF option) / 12.9

Free range poached eggs on an English muffin with wilted spinach

and our own fresh hollandaise sauce and ham or

  -  add ham or mushrooms / 3.0

  -  add NZ free-farmed streaky bacon 5.0

  -  add cold smoked King Salmon / 6.0

French Toast (GF option) until noon / 16.9

  - with streaky bacon, nana and maple syrup, or

  - with mixed berries, maple syrup and Greek yoghurt


Corn Fritters and Bacon (GF option) / 17.9

Delicious home-style gluten-free corn fritters with fresh tomato salsa and

NZ free-farmed streaky bacon


Sardines on Toasted Ciabatta (GF option) / 12.5

Brunswick wild-caught sardines in tomato sauce with lemon and

olive oil drizzled toasted ciabatta


Toast and Jam or Marmalade (GF option) / 7.5

On wholemeal sourdough toast and butter


Mighty Morning Muesli / 13.5

Big bowl of highlander toasted muesli, packed with nuts and dried fruit, topped with Greek yoghurt and mixed berries


Pancakes until noon / 16.9

  -  with Greek yoghurt and mixed berries, or

  -  with NZ free-farmed streaky bacon, banana and maple syrup


Vegetarian Breakfast (GF option)19.9

Free range eggs (scrambled, fried or poached), grilled tomato, spinach,

mushrooms and corn fritter with wholemeal sourdough toast