Lunch drink wheelbest-RGB fish - seabreeze

Afogato / 15

a double nip of Amaretto with vanilla icecream and double-shot espresso


Tiramisu / 12.5

chocolate, coffee, marscarpone and Kahlua


Baileys Chocolate Mousse / 12.5

rich and velvety with a delicate taste of Baileys


Sticky Date Pudding / 12.5

warmed and served with a caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream


Poached Pears / 12.5

in ginger and honey with vanilla ice-cream


Ice-Cream / 12.5

triple scoop in an edible chocolate cup

Toasted Baguette with Garlic Butter (GF option, V) / 8.5


Olives (GF option, V) / 9.5

marinated mixed olives with toasted ciabatta


Grilled Flatbread (V) / 9.5

with sundried tomato pesto and grilled parmesan


Smoked Salmon Mousse (GF option) / 10.5

with hint of Tabasco and served with rocket and toasted chiabatta


King Prawns (GF option) / 16.5

cooked in coconut cream spiced with fresh chilli, ginger and coriander


Seafood Chowder / 14.9

rich and creamy with prawns, mussels, fresh and smoked fish and ciabatta


Summer Seasonal Soup (GF option, V) / 12.5


Greek Salad (GF, V) / 12.9

with Tuscan dressing and baked feta cheese


D'Urville Island Oysters (GF option) / 18

half a dozen succulent D'Urville Island oysters - choice of au naturale, Kilpatrick or three of each

Prime Eye Fillet Steak (GF) / 39.9

250g of Marlborough beef with balsamic demi-glaze and garlic butter, potato gratin, tomato roasted with redwine vinager, and wilted spinach


New Zealand Lamb Shank / 33.9

hearty, slow-roasted, tamarind-glazed, served on orange kumara mash with blached seasoned bok choy .

Extra shank / 12


Free Range Pork Spare Ribs  / 24.9

slow-roasted in a smoky BBQ sauce and served with chuncky fries and a corn cob


Confit Duck Maryland  (GF option) / 32.9

with lemon, honey and bourbon whisky sauce served on parsnip puree with pan-seared green beans wrapped in prosciutto


Vegetarian Stack (V) / 28.9

difficult to describe, impossible to forget. Layers of separately prepared vegetables, including portobello mushrooms (with blue cheese and walnut), grilled eggplant, tomoato, balsamic onions, beetroot, feta cheese, sundried tomatos, roasted pumpkin and cumin, stacked on a pesto base


Greek Salad (GF option, V) / 22.9

with Tuscan dressing and baked feta cheese


Summer Seasonal Soup (GF option, V) / 19.9

Summer night dinner



Hot Chips / 7.5

a bowl of chunky chips with aioli


Garden Fresh Salad / 7.5


Seasonal Vegetables / 8.5

seafood mains

Whole Flounder (GF option) / 32.5

locally caught, baked, drizzled with thyme and butter sauce and served with a summer ratatouille


Market Fish of the Day (GF option) / 32.5

pan-fried fillet served with butter, fired caper and lemon sauce, gourmet baby roasted potatoes, seared courgette and yellow peppers


Seafood Chowder / 24.9

rich and creamy with prawns, mussels, fresh and smoked fish and ciabatta


Queen Charlotte Salmon (GF option) / 34.9

fillet of Queen Charlotte King Salmon Japanese-style with crispy skin and served on udon noodles with a miso ginger broth


Whole Shell Mussels (GF option) / 28.5

a dozen local green-lipped mussels poached in white wine and coconut cream with chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander, and toasted ciabatta


D'Urville Island Oysters (GF option) / 34

a dozen succulent D'Urville Island oysters. Choice of au naturale, kilpatrick or six of each


King Prawns (GF option) / 32.5

cooked in coconut cream spiced with fresh chilli, ginger and coriander


Seafood Platter (GF option) / 35 for one / 69 for two people

oysters either au naturale or kilpatrick; smoked salmon slices; green-lipped mussels in white wine, coconut cream, chilli and coriander; prawn skewers pan-fried with lemongrass and lime; salmon mousse; grilled lemon and breads

other mains


liqueurs / 9.5





Tia Maria



Galliano Black


Southern Comfort

premium spirits / 12

Hennessey VS Cognac

Ardmore Quarter Cask single malt


soup - seabreeze

side serves